• gulfstream jets

    How much does a long-range Gulfstream jet cost?

    Gulfstream Aerospace produces a number of long range corporate jets such as the G450, G550 and G650. These can fly on intercontinental routes such as London to Los Angeles or Dubai to Tokyo. The G500 and G600 are new additions to the range and are expected to enter service in…

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  • airbus corporate jet acj

    Boeing Business Jets vs Airbus Corporate Jets

    Long range business jet airliners from Boeing and Airbus are the largest private aircraft on the market. Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) is a joint venture between Boeing and General Electric. It sells narrow-body VIP aircraft based on the reliable Boeing 737 series; it also sells wide-body VIP aircraft derived from…

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  • buy private jet

    How to buy a private jet

    Buying your own private jet aircraft is a big investment for either an organisation or high-net-worth individual. It is thought that an aircraft purchase will only be cost-effective if you need to fly more than 400 hours per year – which averages at about 8 hours per week. For anything…

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  • easyjet vs ryanair

    Easyjet vs Ryanair

    Easyjet and Ryanair are 2 of Europe’s biggest budget airlines which carry over 145 million passengers per year between them. In terms of statistics let’s take a look at Easyjet vs Ryanair – how they compare against each other head-to-head. Background Easyjet (U2) was established in 1995 and is headquartered…

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  • cheap airline upgrades

    How To Buy a Cheap Airline Upgrade

    There are a number of ways to purchase a cheap airline upgrade which can get you into the premium economy, business class or first class cabin. Airlines are forever finding ways of maximising revenue from empty seats. One way is to try to sell passengers an upgrade to a higher…

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  • Air France KLM Flying Blue

    Air France KLM Flying Blue Credit Cards

    Flying Blue is the frequent flyer program of Air France-KLM, a member of the Skyteam alliance. There are a number of Flying Blue credit card options available to residents of the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Whilst Flying Blue is not renowned as the most generous frequent flyer program around, for…

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