• emergency exit row seat

    How To Get an Emergency Exit Row Seat

    For economy travellers, getting a seat in one of the emergency exit rows is a prized asset offering significantly more legroom comfort. In this article we look at ways of securing the exit row and give an overview of (paid) options offered by various international airlines. As we saw in…

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  • best airline seats

    How To Get the Best Airline Seat on Your Flight

    Getting the best airline seat in your class of travel requires doing some homework before you fly. Here are some basic tips for trying to secure your best choice seat on your flight, especially if you have to fly economy class. 1. Know Your Aircraft – Familiarise yourself with the…

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  • private jet fractional ownership

    Private Jets: Fractional Aircraft Ownership Guide

    Fractional aircraft ownership is a consideration for those who fly between 50 and 400 hours per year in private jets. It is essentially the purchase of a “fraction” of an aircraft from a company which owns, manages and operates the plane. Fractional aircraft ownership programs usually last for periods between…

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  • healthy flight

    How To Stay Healthy on Your Long-Haul Flight

    Taking a long-haul flight is perhaps not the most healthy of activities. Think about it – there you are sitting in a cramped metal tube with hundreds of other passengers whilst suspended some thirty thousand feet in the air breathing semi-recirculated air. You are exposed to an atmosphere of low…

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  • How to Get the Best Economy Seat on a Singapore Airlines A380

    Singapore Airlines has recently started selling “Preferred Seats” in economy (coach) class. These are seats located on exit and bulkhead rows which have extra legroom. The seats are now available for passengers booking online at Singapore Air’s website and cost US$50 per sector. Preferred seats can be purchased at the…

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