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Private Jets Guide

A guide to flying by private jet - we look at jet charter, empty legs, jet cards and fractional aircraft ownership. Plus, how to buy your own plane with aircraft specification and list prices for very light jets up to the largest heavy jet airliners. And a detailed look at using private business jets in the UK, Europe and Asia...

private jets benefits

Private Jets - the Benefits

A look at the many benefits of using business jets - which can save hours of travel time and increase your productivity...

private jet charter

How to Charter a Private Business Jet

We consider the 2 main ways of hiring a corporate jet aircraft and give a few tips for reducing your jet charter costs...

private jets vs business class

Private Jets vs Business Class - A Comparison

We take a group of 8 passengers from London to Paris and compare private jets and business class...

jet cards

Private Jet Cards - Block Hours Programs

An overview of jet cards where private jet travel on a specific aircraft can be purchased in blocks of 25 or 50 hours...

fractional aircraft ownership

A look at Fractional Aircraft Ownership

For those needing to fly up to 400 hours per year in a business jet could consider buying a share of an aircraft...

buying aircraft

Buying Your Own Business Jet Aircraft

The lowdown on purchasing your own jet including estimated annual management and operational costs...

charter empty leg

What are Private Jet "Empty Legs"?

You could save up to 75% off the normal jet charter rate by flying on an "empty leg" which are offered by some companies...

Private Jet Aircraft - Prices/Specification

An overview of the principal private jet aircraft on the market including list prices and basic specification...

private jet aircraft

VIP Widebody Airliners from Airbus and Boeing

Business Jet Airliners from Airbus and Boeing

Long Range Business Jets - from Gulfstream to Sukhoi

Midsize Corporate Jets

Light Business Jets

Very Light Jets VLJs - Air Taxis

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