airline upgrade

How To Get an Airline Upgrade

A free airline upgrade to business class or first class is the holy grail for many travellers. We take a look at the mechanics of operational upgrades and give a few tips to increase your chances.


exit row seat

How To Secure an Exit Row

For economy class travellers, getting a seat in one of the emergency exit rows is a prized asset offering significantly more legroom comfort. We look at ways of securing an exit row plus an overview of paid options offered by many international airlines.


healthy flying

How To Stay Healthy on Your Flight

Sitting in a metal tube suspended some thirty thousand feet in the air, breathing in recirculated air and eating processed food is not the healthiest of activities! In this article we give some tips to help keep you in better shape when flying long-haul.


rewards credit cards

An Overview of Airline Rewards Credit Cards

Airline partner rewards style credit cards can be a good alternative to standard airline branded cards. These types of cards an be a lot more flexible with instant transfer possibilities to multiple airline partners and higher bonuses.


private jets vs business class

Private Jet Charter vs Business Class

A detailed comparison of private jet charter against business class when flying a group of 8 executives on a short notice day return flight between London, United Kingdom and Paris, France.

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Insider air travel intelligence - from airfares to upgrades.

airline credit cards

Airline Credit Cards

A concise overview of major airline credit cards available in North America, UK/Europe and Australia for frequent flyer mileage earning.

business class

Business Class Flying

An overview of flying in the premium classes - first class and business class - with tips and strategies on airfares and upgrades.

private jets

Private Jets Guide

A comprehensive guide to flying by private jet - from chartering a jet to various jet cards, fractional ownership and buying an aircraft outright.

air travel tips

Air Travel Tips

Tips and guides on various aspects of air travel - from finding a low airfare, getting a great seat on board to staying healthy while flying.


Airport Guides

Our guides to various international airports - from transportation and airport facilities to lounge access options and airport hotels.

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